What is Dawg Food?

Dawg food is a fully cooked, high protein meal for humans.

Is DF seasoned?

Dawg Food ships unseasoned, like a blank canvas. Season how you please and enjoy!

How is Dawg Food Made?

Dawg Food is fully cooked and packed packaged in California using real ingredients, without any additives or preservatives

Is Dawg Food ready to eat?

Dawg food takes a few minutes to prepare in a microwave or on a stovetop. Add your choice of seasonings and enjoy.

Who is DF made for?

Made for the person who wants to get serious about the protein they put in their body. Someone who doesn't have time to make a decision on what to eat daily.

Do I need to keep DF frozen?

Yes! Dawg Food needs to be kept frozen. Scoop the desired frozen amount when you're ready to eat and follow cooking instructions.

Do I need to let DF thaw before eating?

No, Dawg Food goes straight from the frozen bag to the pan or microwave.

How is DF shipped?

Dawg Food ships frozen in an insulated package and should be stored in the freezer as soon as it arrives.